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If You Want to Be the Best, Join the Best  

If you’ve ever worked in an environment that prioritizes sales over relationships, personal well-being, and professional development, you know it’s hard to find the support to truly grow your career.

At KWREA, you don’t have to choose between making the sale and everything else. We didn’t become one of Canada’s top-producing brokerages through hyper-focusing on sales. We did it through holistically investing in our agents through proper training, technology, and a culture of collaboration, joy, and support.

Real Estate Training

To become a top-producing real estate brokerage, you need to have top-producing realtors. And you can’t produce stellar realtors without giving them proper real estate training.

Let’s be real: working in real estate is a team sport. Realtors succeed when they are adequately equipped with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need and are connected to a reliable network and community. KWREA is here to provide that.

Whether you’re a new agent looking to break into the Canadian real estate business or a seasoned professional, you can benefit from the training program here at KWREA.

Onboarding, Mentoring, and Productivity Coaching

Every agent joining our team receives comprehensive onboarding and access to productivity coaching from our senior associates. We set you up for success from the very beginning so that you have a solid foundation of knowledge and support off which to build your career. 

Training for New and Seasoned Agents 

We regularly hosting training opportunities to advance our associates in their professional development and stay on top of the latest market trends. From lead generation and marketing best practices to learning effective interpersonal skills for better client service, KWREA’s training spans the whole gamut of skills every realtor should know. 

Leverage Keller Williams’ Industry-Defining Technology 

Every industry is being revolutionized with new technology. Why shouldn’t real estate be the same?

Provide an amazing client experience and streamline your workflows for peak, on-the-go efficiency with COMMAND, Keller Williams’ custom CRM platform. No longer do you have to have your documents and database confined to a desktop computer. Share your listings, deploy multi-channel marketing campaigns, access the KW database, and more all from your mobile device(s). The COMMAND app runs on both Android and iOS!

A Culture that Values Work-Life Balance

Where you work makes a difference. We want our associates to succeed professionally—which is why we take an open books and profit-sharing business—but we also understand that family comes first.

When you work at KWREA, you won’t have to worry about striking that perfect work-life balance. You’ll be living it.

 Find Your Community 

Supporting our local communities is a core part of our work at KWREA. Without our communities, we wouldn’t have a business. That’s why we encourage our associates to get involved and specialize in one of the following KW communities. 

Find Your Community

Supporting our local communities is a core part of our work at KWREA. Without our communities, we wouldn’t have a business. That’s why we encourage our associates to get involved and specialize in one of the following KW communities. 

Adapting your business to meet the changing needs of today’s buyers and sellers is more important than ever. Empower the communities in which you live and serve by placing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of your business. 

Become a leader in the hot new homes market with custom training and resources from KW New Homes and our partners at Legacy International. 

New to the real estate industry? Our KW Young Professionals community helps up-and-coming realtors learn how to run a thriving real estate business. 

Find exclusive opportunities to build your portfolio and develop your skillset in commercial real estate. 

Get access to coveted networking opportunities with the world’s most exclusive and affluent buyers, brands, and interior designers. 

Access unparalleled networking opportunities and build your portfolio with the world’s most high-profile artists, musicians, and athletes. 

Learn how to create passive income and build better profits with KW Wealth. You spend so much time on your client’s needs and desires. It’s time to focus on yours.

Got a creative eye for design? Add value for your clients and differentiate your business with home staging and design services. 

Serve those who served our country. Help honour the service and sacrifice of active-duty members, veterans, and military spouses by bringing their dreams to life. 

Agent Leadership Council 

It’s important to us that all our associates feel valued and empowered at work. Our KWREA Agent Leadership Council was formed to make sure our associates get a chance to share their feedback and have a say in how our office is run.

Want to participate in a non-profit initiative, plan a company event, or share any concerns? Simply get in touch with a member of our ALC.

Not Ready to Take the Leap? 

We get that joining a new brokerage is a big decision. If you like what you see but aren’t ready to make the commitment, you can contact our team leader, Julie Scarlett at to feel out the waters. 

The Real Estate Career You Want Starts Here

It’s time you invest in a company that invests in you. At KWREA, you are in control of your career and the building the life you want. Start the next chapter of your career with us today.